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Green Cleaning Service, Conroe tx

Spring Cleaned and Organized strives to use green cleaning products whenever possible. Once your home has been thoroughly cleaned, we will use chemical-free green cleaning products to safely clean every surface of your home. Cleaning products do not necessarily need harmful chemicals in them to disinfect and remove bacteria, dust, mold, hard water, grease, and any other grime in order to be effective.


There are many benefits to you, your family and the environment by switching to green housekeeping products. Although there are several government agency involved in the regulation of the chemicals used in cleaning products, do you really want to read all your cleaning product labels to try to figure out which one(s) safe to use in your home? How about the following recommendations from the California Environment Protection Agency regarding mitigating the risks of exposure to the pollutants found in common household cleaning supplies:

Actions You Can Take

Fortunately, there are measures one can take to reduce exposure to these pollutants during and
immediately following cleaning activities. Users of cleaning products should:

1. Limit the use of cleaning products or air fresheners advertised as pine- or lemon-scented, or that contain pine or citrus oils, especially during high outdoor pollution days. For ozone forecasts, visit http://airnow.gov and click on “Local forecasts and conditions.”

2.  When using cleaning products, avoid the use of indoor air cleaning devices such as electrostatic precipitators and ionizers that can emit some ozone. Air cleaners or air “purifiers” that intentionally produce ozone should never be used; they produce high levels of ozone, a reactive gas that may harm human health.

3.  Do not use more of the cleaning agent than is necessary to complete the job. Read and carefully follow all label instructions for use.

4.  Rinse surfaces liberally with water after cleaning (where appropriate); residual cleaning agents that remain on surfaces will continue to react with any ozone present in the air.

5.  Remove the paper towels, sponges, and mops used in cleaning from the indoor living space; rinse sponges and mops well before storing.

6.  Always use adequate ventilation during cleaning.

7.  Keep the ventilation rate high for several hours after cleaning.

California Air Resources Board (2008),Fact Sheet - Cleaning Products and Indoor Air Quality Actions you can take to reduce exposures. Retrieved from https://www.arb.ca.gov/research/indoor/cleaning_products_fact_sheet-10-2008.pdf.
The main reason we prefer to use green cleaning products came from articles that the owner read on the regulations on what manufactures do not have to list on labels, or the fact that the manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients on the label at all. With that said, if you have your preferred cleaners, we will of course accommodate you. 

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