Spring Clean & Organized FAQ

Why should I choose Spring Cleaned and Organized?

I’ll answer that by asking you: Why you are looking for a new cleaner? Did your last cleaner cut corners or miss dirty places all too often? Did it seem as though there was no real system in place and you never knew what to expect? This is where Spring Cleaned and Organized differs. We have a cleaning system in place, we tell you exactly what you are getting for your money, and we are passionate about making your home a Peaceful Place for you!

Do you organize as you clean?

The cleaners do general straightening in the rooms. If you are interested in organizing any part of your home we do offer organizing services separate from regular cleanings. We can discuss your organizing needs and figure out a package for you.

What areas do you work in?         

We service all areas of Conroe, The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Panorama Village, Grangerland, Woodloch, Rayford, Spring Hills, and Porter Heights

Do you supply all the products needed for cleaning?

Yes we do! But if you have a vacuum on hand, we do use that. However, if you do not, we will gladly bring one.

I see that you use green cleaning products. What if I really like a certain product and want your cleaners to use it?

While we really prefer to use green products to reduce adding more harmful chemicals into the environment, if you really love your Pine-Sol (or other products) and supply it, we will use it. Just be sure to tell us during your free consultation.

What do I need to do to my home before the cleaner(s) arrive?

Not much, just a few small things. If you do any clutter or dishes in the sink, we ask that it be put away so that we can get right to the dirty work. Also, if you would like your bed sheets changed just place the fresh set on the bed(s).

Does someone need to be home when you clean?

No. During your free consultation we will discuss how our cleaner(s) will gain access into your home. If you choose to provide us a key for your regularly scheduled cleanings, we tag them and keep them secured in a lockbox for safekeeping.

What don’t your cleaners do?

We don’t clean up pet waste or other biohazards, do laundry, clean high areas that we cannot reach on a 2-step step stool or by extension pole, exterior windows, or pick up clutter (we will clean around it).

Do you have any questions that you do not see on this page?

Great! We would LOVE to hear your question and provide an answer! Simply fill out this contact form with your question and we will get you that answer ASAP. And hey, you might even see your Q & A posted on this page!


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