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home cleaning services conroe, tx
Your home should provide you feelings of comfort and peace and welcome you home after a long day at work. It should not make you say “Ack” but should be your peaceful place away from the stresses of the world and make you say “Aah”.

Even in our beautiful town of Conroe, TX we lead busy lives. Between work, caring for our kids, pets, serving others and other obligations that take up our precious time, it is no wonder that keeping up with the housework is so challenging and the piles get out of control . We understand that concern and also understand how hard it can be to attend to the needs of your home when you are so tired after a long day. This is where Spring Cleaned and Organized can come in.
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Let us relieve your burden and free up precious time to spend with your loved ones and provide you with a peaceful place.
Spring Cleaned and Organized is dedicated, and excited, to be able to provide a clean and safe home for you and your loved ones.

Once your home has been professionally cleaned, we will use chemical-free green cleaning products to safely and thoroughly clean every surface of your home, so you not only have a peaceful place to come home to, but you and your loved ones are not exposed to harmful chemicals found in every day household cleaners. Our products disinfect and remove bacteria, dust, mold, hard water, grease and any other grime you may have preventing your home from being the peaceful place it was meant to be.

Spring Clean & Organized Packages


Our weekly package is perfect for busy homes that require a bit more attention to keep that ideal level of peace.


Our most popular package, the every two weeks option helps with general upkeep and overall home “Aah”.


Leave those toilets to us! Perfect for those who like to clean their home but just want to avoid the dirty work.

Custom Package


Every home is different and everyone’s needs are different and we want to be able to help you find the package that will solve your problems and bring peace back into your home! If you have needs that go beyond the general cleaning, we can add on extra services such as:

Cleaning Inside the Fridge
Cleaning Inside the Oven
Cleaning Inside Empty Cabinets
Cleaning Interior Windows (height restrictions apply)
Hand Wipe Window Blinds
Spring (Deep) Cleaning
Occasional Cleaning
Organizing Services

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